Ignite Learning, your trusted provider of interactive classroom and STEM solutions designed to connect and inspire 21st Century students.

Interactive Touch Panels

Ignite Learning recognise that 'front of classroom' explicit teaching is an important aspect of the teaching and learning cycle. Our range of interactive touch panels also promote collaboration supporting wireless connectivity with mobile devices.

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UP Box 3D Printing

Australia's #1 Desktop 3D Printers.
UP 3D printers are best for classrooms as the built-in HEPA air filter removes any ultra fine particles when printing with PLA or ABS. In addition we offer wide range of STEM and curriculum resources with support and training.

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Nuuq VR Headset and 360 Camera

School just got really cool!
Designed for Education, this 2017 generation headset is a fully integrated wireless Android powered unit. Tamper proof and lightweight, this affordable HMD fills the gap where users are not need to integrate a phone or require a VR computer.

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