One of the biggest issues teachers face is that of student engagement.

Finding new ways to engage students in today’s digital world is difficult, especially when home technologies such as mobile phones, tablets and game consoles are highly advanced and popular with young children. Finding educational engagement with technology in the classroom can be a challenge especially if the technology deployed at school is less engaging than that at home.

Virtual Reality has been available for several years but only recently has it been specifically developed and adapted for education. The Class VR system enhances and extends the learning experience, delivering interactions for students that are not practical and not possible in the ‘real world’. It is possibly one of the most powerful of all technologies that could help change how we learn forever.


Immersive, engaging experiences

With virtual reality, students can visit places not practical or even possible in real life. Imagine exploring the inside of a blood vessel, the structure of an atom, the depths of the ocean or the surface of the moon. With virtual reality places can be explored as if you were actually there and students can experience and interact with creatures they will likely never see in their lifetimes.

Increased knowledge retention

Virtual reality provides one of the most important aspects of learning that no other technology can match, that of experience. In his Cone of Experience, Edgar Dale theorised that we retain around 10% of what we read, yet 90% of what we experience ourselves. Virtual reality facilitates knowledge through retention at the highest possible level, bringing personal experience into the classroom and engaging children in new activities that are not normally possible.


The ClassVR portal provides an easy way to find great, curriculum aligned educational VR resources. Find ready made collections, or individual resources to build your own lesson. You can even upload and store your own VR content, such as 360 degree images and videos.


Now you’ve built your VR lesson, deliver it to every student simultaneously, and guide them through the experience, highlighting points of interest and promoting collaboration and peer discussion along the way. ClassVR helps you monitor what they are seeing, helping keep everyone on track.



Our technicians can configure and setup the ClassVR portal for you and configure the system ready for you to use. We then give your teachers all the information they need about the headsets themselves, starting right from the basics, with ongoing support in your local area.


Self-led learning allows students to explore at their own pace, making their own decisions and learning in their own way. ClassVR’s pre-printed worksheets and VR/AR experiences allow students to continue their learning independently, with the knowledge that they are focused on resources you have defined.

Class VR Features

The Class VR system is the first fully dedicated end too end classroom VR and AR system. It comprises of a standalone headset, a storage and charging unit, pre-installed 360 degree images and videos, a classroom management and control portal and the ability for schools to upload their now content. Explore more below. 

Standalone Headsets

ClassVR’s standalone headset is fully classroom ready. No additional mobile device is needed, the headset delivers a fully immersive VR experience whilst being wirelessly managed and controlled by our innovative ClassVR Teacher Portal.


Central Headset Management

With the real-time classroom delivery platform and full control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom teachers have a quick and simple way to send their lesson to multiple headsets and view and monitor progress.

Curriculum aligned content

ClassVR comes complete with a huge range of pedagogically sound, engaging content along with structured lesson plans to help spark the imagination of students, leaving them with memories and experiences that they will remember.

Setup, training and support

You will be provided with set up training and support by local, qualified specialists in your area. They have extensive experience in training teachers how to use technology successfully in the classroom.

“Over the past few months we’ve been experimenting with some new and creative methods to engage our children within the classroom. Through using our recently acquired ClassVR headsets, we’ve found a vast improvement not only in children’s engagement with learning, but in their motivation to both plan and write a story.”

DOMINIC BROAD Year 6 Teacher, Barry Island Primary School, Wales (UK)